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Regulations Part 6 - The Register & Registration Clause 8.16 Suspension

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As a result of concerns received regarding the Afghan Hound survey, the Dogs Australia Board of Directors have resolved to immediately suspend Regulations Part 6 – The Register & Registration Clause 8.16 which reads:

8.16 Afghan Hound (Added 02/22 – 6.1, Effective 1 July 2022)
The Minimum Breeding Age for Afghan bitches is 24 months at the time of mating (unless a veterinary certificate is produced stating that for health reasons the bitch should be mated before 24 months).

Breeders of litters whelped on or after 1 June 2022 will be required to comply with the requirements as a prerequisite to registration of any litter on the ANKC Ltd Main Register. Litters which do not meet the above requirements will only be able to be placed on the Limited Register and will be flagged not to be upgraded.

An investigation into the procedural process and the regulations will be carried out and a report submitted to the October 2022 Board meeting.

Tracey Barry
20 July 2022