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Legally Docked Rottweilers

The recent advice from the FCI of amendments to the Rottweiler Standard has led to dissemination of flawed information and instructions on how the breed should be judged from sources other than ANKC. The attention of all Australian licenced Judges of Rottweilers is drawn to the following extract from FCI Regulation in particular the reference to discrimination.

“Dogs with docked tails are to be admitted in accordance with the legal regulations of their home countries and those of the country where the show takes place. The judging of docked and undocked dogs must be done without any discrimination and solely in accordance with the valid breed standard. The organizing country’s regulations concerning showing docked dogs should be stated in the show schedule or on the entry forms as well as in the show regulations.”


The Chairperson of the National Breed Standards Coordination Group and the National Show Judges Training Committee, Marie Merchant advises Judges should be reminded that in accordance with the ANKC Prohibited Procedures Policy, Tail Docking is a restrictive procedure under State and Territory legislation. (Refer to individual State or Territory legislation for clarification.), however legally docked dogs are eligible to be exhibited in Australia and are not to be penalized in the show ring.


Tracey Barry
28 August 2018